Grand Boulevard

Grand Boulevard on old photo

Szent Istvan korut is a part of the long-curving Budapest’s famous Grand Boulevard. It forms a semicircle connecting two bridges of the Danube, Margaret Bridge on the north and Petöfi Bridge on the south. Usually the part inside and around this semicircle is referred as the city downtown centre of Budapest.

It is one of the most central and busiest parts of Budapest, a major thoroughfare built by 1896. On the Boulevard you can find (from north to south) the Comedy Theatre, Western Railway Station (1877, built by Gustave Eiffel’s team), the New York Café (1894), and the Art Nouveau palace of the Museum of Applied Arts (1896). Among the modern landmarks are the Skala Metro shopping store and the WestEnd City Center (largest shopping mall in Budapest).

Margaret Bridge

Margaret bridge

The beautiful Margaret bridge is the second oldest one in Budapest (1876). Scenic arch bridge connecting the southern part of Budapest with Margaret Island, the city’s popular island park and recreation area.

A design by Ernest Goüin, a French civil engineer. One of the most notable aspects of the bridge is its strange v-shape: the bridge has an angle of 165 degrees at the point where it branches off to Margaret Island. In 2011 the bridge got a new floodlight and a brand new bike path including Buda and Pest connections. Since the renovation in 2010 the Margaret Bridge got back its beauty again. A walk on it provides a sweeping look of the city!

Margaret Island, a pedestrianized recreational island in the middle of the Danube river. The island’s attractions include romantic walkways, medieval ruins, a small zoo, a music fountain, a water tower, swimming pools and relaxing atmosphere. You can rent a “family bike” known as Bringohinto there. Devote half a day or at least a couple of hours to explore and enjoy the serenity on Margaret Island.

FalkArt Festival

Falk Art Forum, the Antique and Modern Art Festival is held semi-annually in each spring and fall in the patinant Falk Miksa Street, the antique row of Budapest. The street is turned into a pedestrian precinct during this lively event. Organized by more than 50 local galleries, Falk Art Forum features special exhibitions, stage performances and culinary delicacies. Many of the local shops and galleries will extend their opening hours. The art festival showcases paintings, jewelry and furniture and experts and gallery owners will be on hand to answer questions. It’s a great place to find hidden treasures.

If you are interested in modern art check out Missionart, Prestige, B55, Haas, Biksády and BumBum. If antiquities are your thing visit Anni Domini, Moró, Wladis and Dénes Gallery.

In fact, our authentic Island Apartment is located exactly in this area, at the beginning point of the famous Falk Miksa street.

FalkArt Festival


Winery, bar & pub
Cafe & Breakfast
Supermarket & Grocery
  • G-Roby GOLD (Szent Istvan korut 6)
  • REAL (Jaszai Mari sq 5)
  • SPAR (Szent Istvan korut 17)
  • 5 minutes walk to largest shopping mall of Budapest: Westend City Center
  • Variety of stores along the Grand Boulevard in the downtown neighborhood
  • Szent Istvan Pharmacy (Szent Istvan korut 7)
  • Ezüst Pharmacy (Szent Istvan korut 28)
  • Palatinus Pharmacy (Pozsonyi str 2)
Bank & Exchange